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『医方大成論』5・「傷寒」*Instagram Image


  1. 傷寒は流行病。年齢に関係なく罹患する。
  2. その中でも、体が弱く、労働が過度、または冬に節制しなかった人は特に罹りやすい。
  3. 症状は、頭痛、発熱して、汗をかき、悪寒から始まる。
  4. 病が陽に伝わるときは、狂言を言い、潮熱が出る。
  5. 病が陰に伝わるときは、舌がこわばり、手足が冷える。
  6. 治療法は、病の場所で決める。表にあれば汗をかかせ、上にあれば吐かせる。裏にあればそれを下させるのがよい。



“Iho-Taiseiron” 5 ・ Cold damage

  1. Sick cold is epidemic. Affects regardless of age.
  2. Among them, people who are weak, labor excessively, or people who do not stop in winter are particularly susceptible.
  3. Symptoms start with headache, fever, sweating and chills.
  4. When the disease is transmitted to the yang, you say crazy and have a fever.
  5. When the disease gets to the yin, the tongue becomes stiff and the hands and feet get cold.
  6. The treatment will be determined by the place of the disease. If it is on the table, sweat it, and if it is on it, let it go. If it’s on the back, it’s better to lower it..

(Memo)Cold damage is the flu said now. The same “cold” members, but cold is mild and cold damege is divided into severe.

The image is borrowed from Kawamura Bunko…

Instagram Image

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