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『医方大成論』4・「濕」*Instagram Image


  1. 濕(湿)は、天地に満ち、春夏秋冬の土用を支配する性質を持つ。
  2. 濕に侵される人は、体が弱い人、濕気の多い土地に住む人、汗をかいた服を交換しない人などである。
  3. 腎が濕に侵されると、腰痛、お小水の出が悪くなる。
  4. 脾が侵されると、四肢がむくみ、屈伸出来なくなる。
  5. 脈は沈緩にして微。
  6. 治法は、小便を出し、軽く汗をかくのが良いでしょう。



“Iho taiseiron ” 4 · “濕” summary

  1. 濕 (humidity) is full of heaven, has the nature to control 土用(doyou) of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
  2. Those affected by insults are those who are physically weak, those who live in a nasty land, and those who do not exchange sweated clothes.
  3.  If the kidney is affected by hemorrhoids, low back pain, the discharge of small water will be worse.
  4.  If the spleen is affected, the limbs become swollen and can not bend or stretch.
  5.  The pulse is 沈緩 and 微.
  6.  The law is to give a piss, it is better to lightly sweat.

(Note) In Oriental medicine, food and medicine are also considered to be acupuncture. “Eat until you are 80% full” is quite true, and excessive hemorrhoids will weaken the gastrointestinal tract.

The image is borrowed from Kawamura Bunko.

Instagram Image

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