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  1. 霍乱は吐瀉を兼ねる。
  2. 飲食を摂取できず、鶏の内臓、細切り肉、乳製品を過食した物が胃に留まり、脾が弱って消化出来なくなる。
  3. また風寒の気に侵されて、発症する。
  4. 症状が軽い時は、吐いて瀉し、こむら返りをおこす。
  5. 重い時は、腹が疼き、手足が激しく冷える。
  6. 脈は洪大が治りやすく、微脈は治りにくい。
  7. 治法は、臍中に灸して、蓼一握りを湯に煎じ、その煎じ汁に漬けて洗うのが良い。
  8. 夏の暑さに負けると、人は霍乱となる。



“Iho taiseiron” 10 · summary of acute episode of severe emesis and diarrhea.

  1. The disturbance is also a vomiting and diarrhea.
  2. We can not eat food and drink, and the overcooked chicken meat, shredded meat and dairy products stay in the stomach and the spleen weakens and can not be digested.
  3. It is also affected by the environmental factor, and it develops.
  4. If symptoms are mild, vomit and cramp, causing cramps.
  5. When it’s heavy, your stomach aches and your hands and feet get cold.
  6. The pulse is easy to cure surge αnd large, faint pulse are hard to cure.
  7. For the treatment, it is good to warm the navel with moxa, simmer a handful of rice in hot water, and soak it in the decoction and wash.
  8. If you lose the summer heat, people will be upset.

(Note)We call the disease which vomits and causes diarrhea at the same time as acute episode of severe emesis and diarrhea. It may be easy to understand the symptoms of food poisoning caused by norovirus.

The image is borrowed from Kawamura Bunko.

from @hariyaiwata.
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